2016 Chevy Malibu – review

Alright I’m gonna do a quick review of the 2016 Chevy Malibu all new totally redesigned. So I’m sitting in the backseat now and. I’ve got pretty good legroom here my buddy is 656465. And I slide over here. And even with his front seat. Or the driver seat all the way back. Good leg room. Backseat is also. Contoured. So you sort of cradled in the back it almost feels like you’re. Driving in one of those sport see. It is nice nice and comfortable. It’s a little drab in this vehicle. So it’s like almost all dark gray like almost all the same. You know the same color or the same hue. Let’s check and see what’s under the hood. Love this puppy. Alright so my friend told me I could take it for a test drive and I am committed to doing that, For you guys. With this quick review this is the quickest review I’ve ever done I don’t have a tripod MobileMe show you nice backup camera here. Before we get going. Backup camera. Shows you where you’re going again guys idle hands A tripod. So excuse this shot. Relatively smooth ride. It it feels like a bigger car.

2016 Chevy MalibuThen it is There’s a little boat to it. You know you certainly don’t feel like you’re driving a on. Sports car here. So I am not blown away by the driving dynamics of this vehicle. I’m not blown away. Provide very good light – Chevy Malibu led headlights. By the interior design although I think it’s nice it’s contemporary. I’m not. 100 percent blown away by the exterior design and I think that the prior Malibu actually had a better driving feel to it. This It is I remember back in like the late. Nineties. They had this cabin forward design was the things of the windshield was way way out in front.

This is reminiscent of those. Like the the Dodge intrepid goes big cars that had the cabin forward design I’m just not 100 percent sold on it I was so excited about the new Malibu and I’ve been Jones in the review it. And I now that it’s here you know little underwhelmed little bit. But again I’ll get this and I’ll do of a full review of it soon but I just wanted to give you guys are a taste. Of the Malibu. And now I’m gonna get a taste of a Downer. But I’m late for how talk to you guys later. Thanks for watching remember. Okay, Let’s say. Play I can’t push this vehicle around my friend. So if I’m being honest. I come out of that vehicle. And I’m not like it’s in the drive. Like I am. Underwhelmed. More and more I think about it. Wonder well.