Dodge Challenger review

challenger And that my friends is the sound of 700 horsepower will only go 1700 horsepower was just for race car just for super cars. We’re here with the 2015 Dodge challenger SRT Hellcat and it’s 707 horsepower supercharged V. 8 is the most extreme challenger that you can buy alot goes in to making that monster of an engine work with the rest of the challenger so let’s take a look at what goes into the health had. Then we can make a challenger Hellcat video without taking it to the track. The engine itself is 91 percent new compared to the 6.4 liter on which it’s based and there are a lot of different systems that go into supporting that much power on the outside you have this new hood now it has functional he’d extractors has been off for a while it’s still pumping out heat.

Down at the headlight level. The inboard driver’s side headlight is removed and in its place is an air intake that goes straight to the engines airbox and Challenger halo headlights. Down a little lower there are no fog lights instead it just open grill space to get as much air as possible into the coolers in heat exchangers. Behind that rail. The brakes are the largest that Chrysler’s put on any of its vehicles at 15.4 inches with sick. Then calipers that’s even larger than the Dodge viper. Now we’ll go over the transmission choices you have an 8 speed automatic transmission and a 6 speed manual transmission. The 6 speed manual is taken directly out of the viper an 8 speed automatic is beefed up benefits the most stout 8 speed that Chrysler makes.

Out back you have beefed up. Where and an axle components. And you have this exhaust this wonderful wonderful exhaust that’s 2 and 3 quarter inch dual pipes with an active exhaust system and let me tell you it is an experience unlike anything else out there if the makers of Godzilla are looking for something new to sample for a monster sound they had to get a hold of 1 of these. I’m Bell had is as of rock is fast and wild as you’d expect but it’s also extremely controllable and it can be very very mild when him all the modes dialed down a little bit baby so long wheelbase or the 4400 pound curb weight but it never feels white knuckled or. If you’re not in can. Crawl and then when you do return all those modes down to eco in St settings. You can drive this thing like a V. 6. Drive it all day long in the city hit every pothole in B and complete comfort.

Then you get out on the highway and you stretch its legs and just unleash the 707 horsepower which is. Very wild experience. Belle cats 8.4 inch touch. Greenhouses the command center for numerous power transmission and suspension settings. The Hellcat has 3 pre programmed driving votes default sport. Track but beyond that you can customize each individual setting of the transmission. Expansion and power out pride in the custom setup you can choose between 700 horsepower 500 horsepower or transmission and tracks board street modes. There’s also an eco mode that numbers down all of the settings and makes this. Power house as drivable as a V. 6 and. Heavy traffic. Now there’s more information in the centre dashboard.

The visual display between the tachometer and speedometer houses a lot of interesting information that people are going to drive around the track are gonna wanna see. Individual items like intake air temperature intercooler temperature. Temperature of the transmission oil temperature there’s just a huge amount of her mission available it’s available in the digital display and also set up as gauges in the performance pages of a point for instance. Now on top of that you also have a diagnostic center here that can show you diagnostic trouble codes as they pop up if there’s anything wrong with the car. Quarter mile times for the health care and are estimated by Dodge at. Blistering and 0.8 seconds and the quarter mile but with sticky drag radial tires. On street tires they say it should do 11.2 seconds. Or to put that to the test so let’s head to the drag strip. Mmhm. We’ve been able to pull some mighty impressive times in the chat. How can a 707 horsepower may seem excessive and it is what it works. How can anything less than ludicrous. And I think it would not have stood out as the way it does.