Hawk Performance Brake Pads

All right where the hawk performance display here at sema 2013 to Matt rosty’s joining us from high performance to tell us a little bit about the brake pads that you can put on your vehicle and the different I’ll say intensities of brake pads you get on there what he got yeah golfer primarily for the street market we have 4 major. We have our high performance street. Performance ceramic.
Hawk Performance Brake Pads
And we hawk brake pads designed for trucks are light truck and SUV and then what we call our super duty. Kinda how you decide which pet you want our high performance 3 separate in butter your superiors court racers street spirited racing type stuff this is a great low dusting low noise page right every day but when you need to get on on it’s gonna really well your car down real well.

The next we have is our performance ceramic Pat this kind of been designed is if anyone knows European chassis is the audience that BMW Mercedes. Pads are really dusty and I really make your wheels bad. Our performance ceramics may still give you a great great performance but remove a lot of that dust out for you. Next up is the truck and SUV market.

A lot of people they put in big wheels they lift their jeeps they lift their trucks and that just creates more mass on your break system requires it so much more. Most times your brakes are not good enough anymore. Sir I’ll TS is designed with those people in mind that need to really bring their breaks the factory settings after adding all this extra weight to the truck sweat Altius isn’t awesome pad.

Still gonna be quiet still gonna be loved us so just that perfect had to fit you there. And the most aggressive Pat we have would be our super duty. This is kind of a commercial or a one tonner bigger. Trucker in at you that’s always loaded always towing always hauling going up and down mountains were really demanding this is gonna hold up for you and not fade out for you so you get up on a hill you still gonna stop without going through that intersection.

Let the sponge at the bottom there that’s great heart performances brake pads and get everything you could possibly want for every different type of vehicle you’ve got out there and every every different duty that you may be using your vehicle of 4 at sema 2013 for garage pro some mark no.