Trucks from composite materials.

TrucksThe use of composite materials in the chassis parts will significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle.
The world-renowned manufacturer of Scania trucks in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm conducted research on the use of composite materials in trucks. Results indicated that such materials can reduce vehicle weight by 40% of the original mass. First, such material can be applied in the chassis components.

Weight reduction of freight transport will increase the loading of the vehicle, which will undoubtedly bring benefits to truckers. In addition, it will have a positive effect on the environment, as now to carry the same amount of cargo take less trips, and as a result – the amount of emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced.

Although composite materials have a high value, they have a huge advantage during servicing of the car. Composite materials hardly subject to wear and fatigue do not rust and are much less susceptible to wear than metal parts.